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The Growth of Staff

Another Developer for the Dungeon

Fri Mar 14 16:00:00 2014

It is a proud pleasure to announce that Shadowcat are once again swelling the ranks of developers based out of our Lancaster offices as we welcome on board Kimball Johnson.

Kimball is a developer and System Administartor of many years experience who will be starting work on the 1st April, and yes the fun of that has not escaped us at the office, currently we are wondering if we play some elaborate foolish prank or just tease him into thinking we will.

Kimball joins the ranks of community related and well known Shadowcat personalities, he is the current Chair of FLOSS UK council and a keen supporter of Open Source. We feel sure he will fit right into the company dynmamic.

The only real question is, what iconography will be the feature of his company caricature.