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Flying Ace

I Say Moggles, dash it all to Heck and back

Mon Mar 10 11:30:00 2014

Here at Castle Shadowcat we have a number of cat logos that have been developed both in-house and by using the services of, the very talented, Jack Knight of Knighttime Creations. Today we are unveiling two new ones from the hands of that most talented young man, Jack.

So with much of a, ‘what ho,’ a few rounds of ‘dash it all,’ and maybe a ‘cor, whoops, oh no Mrs Penderghast your son took one from the Bosch and was shipped off to Blighty,’ we present the very first Shadowcat Cat to have a name.

We call him Moggles:

He’s a bit of a Great War flying Ace cat as is clear from the image and our rather endearing terminology that is placed into his mouth. He’s cute, we love him and he in no way sets a stereotype for today’s second cat.’s coming...