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Students Arrive at Castle Shadowcat

Fresh Perspective

Thu Mar 6 13:30:00 2014

It is always wise to seek a new approach, as it is the chance to see a different way of thinking.

Shadowcat are always willing to open our doors so we applied for the Lancaster University Management School: Student Consultancy Project. This will see a group of graduate students exploring market research and assessing viability for a project Shadowcat are working on.(1)

At Shadowcat it is always exciting to get involved with a broad range of local and community groups and this venture allows us to gain knowledge while supporting students in their Masters Degree. The students gain real world experience and the chance to see how we work. The Consultancy Project runs for two weeks with the possibility of applying for a further eight weeks during the summer.

We look forward to an interesting fortnight and for both sides to emerge more knowledgeable and informed.

(1) To be announced in the near future.