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Getting Support, Gaining Understanding

Shadowcat Systems Develops Further with Professional Help and Guidance

Fri May 30 16:40:00 2014

As many of you that folllow the news about Castle Shadowcat will already know the previous year has seen us grow in both size and scope. This has been a challenging and rewarding time for us all but there comes a point where we reach an inevitable presipice. As an organisation we have crossed a boundary from one type of company to another and with that we need to build, grow and change.

Change is always a struggle, much as growth is a challenge and building (construction) a cost. Until this point we have utilised our own internal strengths, and the advice and guidance of business associates, as we developed and evolved. Last year we started a programme of eliciting help and education from a broader range of sources.

Already staff have completed courses in Project Management, Project Frameworks and we have participated in the Lancashire Forum. Now we have joined the Growth Accelerator Programme.[1]

As a part of this we will be guided by a persoanl business coach/mentor. Andrew Dewhurst from Affilius will be working closely with a management team at Shadowcat over the next few months to further enable us to deliver a broader, and more detailed, portfolio of services.

As always we will keep you interested parties up to date with the developments.


[1] A Government run initiative in the UK backed from funds both local and as part of the European Regional Development Fund.