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October 2014 News

October 2014 News Archive

Wed Oct 1 00:00:00 2014

This is the Shadowcat news archive for October 2014.

An Aged Response?

This weekend the youngest and the (near) oldest of Shadowcatters will be attending, and [presenting][pros], at two very different community events on either side of the Atlantic pond.

Errietta Kostala, easily the youthful element, will be at MozFest in London where she will be presenting a talk about utilising IRC as a tool for communities. Meanwhile on the other side of the pond, and the country opoosite, Mark Keating, close to the oldest staffer, will be attending the Google Summer of Code Ten Year Anniversary, on behalf of the Perl Foundation.

Once again the natural position ity seems of a 'Catter is to be involved with the community. Young or old, or any other metric you wish to division by, the Shadowcat staff are keen to be a part.

If you are attending either of these events try and grab either Mark or Errietta for a friendly chat or even just a quick hello.