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The Third Lancaster Social

Last Lancaster Social of the Year

Wed Sep 10 12:00:00 2014

On Wednesday the 24th September the last Lancaster Social of 2014 will be held at The Hall on China Street, Lancaster. This is the third event of the year, and since this is the innagural year the third event ever. This is all the more reason to sign up for tickets.

Shadowcat Systems are once again proud to be amongst the sponsors and to give help in the organising of the event. The Lancaster Social is designed to be a free to attend, open access event that does not distinguish between the different social groups, instead it seeks to unite them.

If you are a business owner, community member, or just a curious individual wishing to meet people in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere this is the event for you.

The theme of this event is 'LinkedIn'. The proceedings will be opened by Shadowcat's very own Mark Keating; Jane Binion wil provide an excellent quick 'LinkedIn Introduction (Jane's Social Media)'; Shadowcat's Ian Norton will chair the Q&As and the event will be closed by Sarah Thornton (Back Room Sam).