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Shadowcat Staff at the London Perl Workshop

A fuller attendance than before

Mon Sep 22 19:55:00 2014

This year's London Perl Workshop will once again be held at the University of Westminster's Cavendish Campus on Saturday 8th November. The theme this year will be Perl and the Internet of Things.

Once again the Shadowcat staff will be in attendance at the workshops and the surrounding social activities and once again we will be helping out with the vast majority of the organisational duties.

Mark Keating is once more the chief conference overlord and chair of the proceedings. Ian Norton and Claire Jackson will be on hand all day running workshops and registration. Tom Bloor will be managing the electronic toy room, a new feature at this year's event. Matt S. Trout and our latest intern, Errietta Kostala, will both be in attendance. Matt will once again present and if we can persuade Errietta to talk we will do so.

Each year the workshop has grown in size and splendour and we are glad to note that the complement of Shadowcat attendees has grown with it. We hope to see you there.