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Heart of Sales

We Sponsored Another Book

Mon Aug 17 15:00:00 2015

For several months our Managing Director, Mark Keating, has been helping local business guru and author, Jane Binnion, to complete her latest book The Heart of Sales.

The Heart of Sales is a new book looking at how to be successful in business while maintaining a strong ethical and moral basis. Shadowcat Systems is deeply connected to the book not just as an ethical organisation with strong ties to community but as a principal sponsor on the Kickstarter campaign that led to the book being created. This is not the first time Shadowcat have been associated with a book as you might recall our previous association with The Empty House

Mark has a history connected to publishing as he worked at renown local publishers Carnegie for over 10 years and has been exposed to the whole process of book publishing. The book will be available as an e-book this month before going onto to traditional printing at a later date.