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The Animated Errietta

Errietta succumbs to the Jack Knight' Pen

Sun Feb 22 12:22:00 2015

It has only been a couple of weeks, though behind the scenes there has been an extended period of construction, since we saw the last Caricature from our beloved Jack knight of Knight Time Creations, so let's have another.

Castle Shadowcat has the pleasure of presenting the latest caricature to our growing list of images, our talented intern Errietta:


Jack has once again done an amazing job of capturing Erri's likeness and of adding the whimsical elements that identify her love of gaming - I'm sure you can guess of which series of games this is a homage. Of particular note is the tiny fairy that accompanies our intern in her daily tasks. A mixture betwixt Sprite and Pooka one wonders what name we should call it, and how would it sound, like a electronic kitten or a huffing bass tiger. Why don't you help us to decide?

Please feel free to add your comments as they are always gratefully received.