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The Lancaster Social

A Few Reasons on Why you -Must- Attend

Mon Feb 23 11:15:00 2015

The Lancaster Social will be held at the Chapel on the White Cross Business Estate in Lancaster on Thursday, 26th February. This is the first Lancaster Social of 2015 and we at Castle Shadowcat think there are some compelling reasons that you must attend.

  • It's free to attend, though there may be a small contribution required for a drink/biscuit
  • You can network with other people of Lancaster;
  • You can bring promotional material about your own events, causes, business or interests;
  • There is a section of free/cheap tools to help you in your connected life;
  • We have a Q&A session where we collectively pool our knowledge to help each other (there is no absolute requirement);
  • Free promotion via our website, free to register and we will help you to do that on the night;

The Lancaster Social is intended as a cross-sector event. We don't just want businesses to connect, we aim to encourage the wider community to interact, therefore anyone is welcome.

Make sure that you Register for a ticket on EventBrite ( so that we can accurately judge the number of attendees in advance and prepare appropriately.

The Shadowcat team will see you there.