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The Animated Tom

Tom gets the Knight Treatment

Thu Feb 5 12:22:00 2015

Next in line in the increasingly inaccurately named[1] series of images that have been created for Shadowcat Systems by the wonderfully talented Jack Knight of Knight Time Creations is our own dear Tom.

Tom is an unusual, but not for our merry band, individual with a strong love of technology and engineering. He seems to spend his days thinking of the technology of the future while dwelling fondly on the machinery of the past. In this regard he is not unusual to Shadowcat and this is perhaps evident in his stong preferences for his cartoon self.


Jack has once again done an amazing job of capturing Tom's likeness and of adding the whimsical elements that identify his particular demeanour. Please feel free to add your comments as they are always gratefully received.


[1] I say inaccuratly named as they are caricatures, cartoons, avatars or images, they don't in fact move so have no animation. Perhaps they were named that way as they seem so full of life and there is a glimmer of a hope that one day they may be animated, if we can ever find the time.