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Mark Keating joins the FLOSS UK

Because he isn't busy enough...

Thu Jan 22 13:00:00 2015

Shadowcat's Managing Director, Mark Keating, was recently voted onto the council for FLOSSUK. Mark has been involved with FLOSS for some time and has even presented at FLOSSUK conferences including Spring 2014 and the upcoming Spring 2015 events.

Shadowcat Systems Limited are corporate members of FLOSSUK, Ian Norton has served on the council for three years and Matt S. trout has also been a regular attendee and speaker at FLOSSUK (and the former UKUUG) events for a number of years.

This year Shadowcat Systems and FLOSSUK will be organising a conference, the Dynamic Language conference, together. Mark has also been involved in discussing using new media techniques for FLOSS. It was for these two reasons that Mark felt it wisest to agree when he was co-opted to a place on the council so that he could further help at a recognised position.