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March 2015 News

March 2015 News Archive

Sun Mar 1 00:00:00 2015

This is the shadowcat news archive for March 2015.

FLOSSUK Spring Conference

In just under three weeks time there will be the FLOSSUK Spring Conference: DevOps held in York and once again it will be heartily attended by the Shadowcat Team.

Heading to York for this year's event will be, Tom Bloor, Ian Norton, Matt S. Trout and Mark Keating. Once again the Shadowcat team will be heavily involved in all the conference activities which include, speaking, presenting, running workshops, organising as well as attending external conference activities.

Registration for this event is still open so there is still chance to grab a ticket. If you contact Mark you can get a special conference discount code from him (there are still a few left). Local attendees from user groups, students and the unemployed can apply for a special discounted rates (excludes the conference dinner).

This is an essential event for learning more about the Open and Free Technologies and to get access to workshops run by the likes of Google and Shadowcat.