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A Weekend in Brussels

Mon Jan 4 16:50:30 2016

Once again the Shadowcat team will be in Brussels for the FOSDEM 2016 event. Matt, Mark and Tom have booked places in the centre of Brussels from the 29th January to the 1st February and will travel to the conference each day.

Representing Perl

This year Mark will be travelling in his role as Marketing Chair, Advocacy Committee member and Steering Committee Member for the Perl Foundation and will spend his days at the Perl booth or in the Perl Dev room with Wendy and Liz. Mark will be on The Perl Foundation time for the whole weekend and will be happy to talk to people about the great news in the Perl world and the shape of the Perlverse in 2016.

Representing Developers

For Matt and Tom it is a much more personal event. FOSDEM is one of the best places to mix with the best minds in Open Source. To catch up with what is new in the communities and groups who thrive in the alternative commercial space that pure OS occupies.

As always the Shadowcat Staff will be more than happy to spend time chatting or to bend an ear or three over a delicious amber brew from the -very- wide selection on offer in Belgium. If you are going to be at FOSDEM give us a shout to meet up or alternatively visit Mark on the Perl booth.