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May 2016 News

May 2016 News Archive

Sun May 1 00:00:00 2016

This is the shadowcat news archive for May 2016.

+1 Life

We’re late to report the news that you might have seen on Social Media but at least we hit the right level of whimsy as we proudly announce that Mark Keating and Kathryn Leigh Keating had a 3rd baby boy in May. Welcome to the world, Asher William Keating.

In usual Shadowcat Systems style we have added him to the roster and want him delivering his first code work as soon as possible. He’s young and inexperienced so we’re giving him a steady diet of Scratch.[1] If you see Mark online we recommend you offer him sympathy, caffeine and a pillow.

Asher William Keating

Asher William Keating


[1] He has sharp little nails so he scratches just about everything anyway.