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Chair of the Board

mdk is the new FLOSSUK Chairperson

Thu Sep 29 13:39:17 2016

The FLOSSUK recently underwent its annual general meeting, at this event the board accepts and changes as determined by its charter. This year Gavin Atkinson stood for re-election, Ian Norton was recognised as resigned, and Kimball Johnson finished his second 3 year term as Chairman.

At the meeting that followed it two new members were co-opted to the board to stand for a year and then to hopefully sit when elected. These co-opted members are Barry O’Rourke and Rick Deller. It was also decided at that meeting to elect specific roles and responsibilites to members of the board so that they might take charge and push forward any necessary actions. At this meeting Shadowcat’s Mark Keating was elected as the new Chairperson (our usage, it is still referred to as Chairman in the Articles) to the organisation.