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Four Go Mad in Dam

Tue Aug 1 11:53:22 2017

A short while ago we said that three of the happy meat-forms of Castle Shadowcat would be trekking across the channel for the European Perl Conference. Since those times a small change has occurred. Shadowcat has a new apprentice magi in the form of young Finn (as reported in the news article from just a day hence) and being the kindly souls we are we felt it fun to drag him along with us.

So if you are at the European Perl Conference next week take a weary eye and give it a fresh polish in anticipation of a small crop of ‘catters who will be gracing the halls and stages of Perl land.

In other, and much shorter, words: we hope to see you in Amsterdam.


[1] The Yet Another Perl Conference Europe (YAPC::EU) has been re-branded, or rather old-branded, to be The Perl Conference. This is officially The Perl Conference:Amsterdam.