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EPO Booklet

Supporting the Community

Tue Aug 8 14:53:22 2017

As part of our commitment to the community we allow Shadowcat staff to work on community projects during work hours, it is another way we like to give back.

Recently Mark has been spending some time working on the Perl 6 Booklet (Introducing Perl 6) for distribution in both community and outside at other events.

This has taken some time to compile and revise and much of the work to produce it has been done on Shadowcat time. The costs of printing will be carried by the Enlightened Perl Organisation.

EPO Booklet

The new EPO booklet

The booklet is also available as a PDF on The Dog Ate My Bookshop website and you can freely download it from there. It is also available on Github if you would like to pull a version and print and distribute it locally. You can also request to join as an editor/contributor.


[1] There are not always notes, but since I wrote this it seems that might be wrong!