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Lightning Talkers

Lightning Talkers

Tue Aug 15 11:05:22 2017

The Lightning Talks on Day Two of the Perl Conference in Amsterdam during the week of 7th-11th August had a distinctly Shadowcat feel about them.

To begin with Mark Keating, who has foolishly declared that he will run the 2018 YAPC[1], gave a talk about the 2018 event and its host city. Mark also took the opportunity to give a gift to the current YAPC team.

Then Errietta Kostala, a former Shadowcat Apprentice and currently a member of FairFX’s team, gave her first ever talk at a Perl conference with a comparison between Catalyst and Mojolicious.

Next up Paul Evans, who is an occasional sub-contractor for SC on our projects and a member of our alumni, gave a great talk on the full stack developer which was really well received.

Then came the current Shadowcat Team:

Tom gave a great Role-Play based talk about some of the perils of production as an encounter with hit points for good and bad behaviour.

Our new apprentice, Finn, gave us a short talk about how to break your Perl in a single line.

While Matt did his usual high-order levels of insanity with a fast-paced talk called AA (short for AAAARRRGGGHH - amongst other things).

It was great to be so well represented at the event and well done to all our staff, past and present, for giving a great show and account of themselves.


[1] The Perl Conference is also known, especially in the Perl Community, as the Yet Another Perl Conference. Because we are inclusive to new audiences as well as our community we will use both The Perl Conference in Glasgow and Yet Another Perl Conference Europe 2018 interchangeable (#TPCiG #yapceu2018).