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Shadowcat at FLOSSUK2017: Part One

Two Staff Members to Present Talks

Tue Feb 28 11:58:45 2017


Stickers and freebies

It is always a pleasure to announce Shadowcat Staff attending and presenting at conferences and even more so when it is more than one member.* At this year’s FLOSSUK Spring ‘DevOps’ Conference, in Manchester during March, Shadowcat’s own Matt S. Trout and Tom Bloor will be giving talks.

Matt will be talking about Accelerating Monitoring Plugins using Perl and CPAN and is based on comparative work Matt has done understanding and upgrading from infrastructure libraries such as Nagios.

Tom will give two talks, the first is all about Scripting for LetsEncrypt to overcome some of the limitations in the service using Perl. The second talk is on Tom’s second passion Testing with Services. This second talk is more focussed on testing external processes and how the Perl testing culture can be integrated and utilised.

The full schedule of talks can be found on the FLOSSUK website along with tickets for the event and details of the Raspberry Pi Workshop which coincides with it.


  • Shadowcat’s Mark Keating will also be at the event but we will be discussing this in a separate article.