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Flying off to FOSDEM

Another Long Weekend in Brussels

Fri Jan 13 13:23:45 2017

Once again the Shadowcat crew will be flying down to (it is down from Lancaster) Brussels for the yearly FOSDEM event. This is the 3rd year in succession that the SC team have attended.

What is FOSDEM?

FOSDEM, for those not in the know, is probably the largest Open Source Developers conference in the Western World, if not the whole world, and is attended by upwards of eight thousand attendees, presenters and stalls. It is one of the most important events for any open source language, project or initiative.

What Will You Be Doing?

As always the Shadowcat team will not be slacking while they are there. Mark will once again be on the Perl booth where he will be tempting people with badges, stickers, books, toys and the other groovy giveaways along with Wendy (who organises the booth for the Perl6 community each year).

Perl also has a DevRoom on the Sunday in K4.201 where there will be a number of great talks on the schedule:

You can view the full schedule for the event by going here.

If you are going to FOSDEM then give us a shout or try to meet up at the event, we will likely be on the Perl booth, in the Perl Dev. room or supporting a bar to help it stand upright in the many hallway tracks.


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