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Welcoming More Students

Tue Jan 24 21:12:45 2017

This year at Shadowcat seems to be starting a theme concerning students. As mentioned in a previous news item we have two MSc students on a project placement from Lancaster University in the office until April. Next week they will be joined by two more students.

The local college, Lancaster and Morecambe, has a computer studies course and as part of our commitment to the local community we will have two students on a work placement at Shadowcat. Both of them will have a fortnight in a real development environment.

A lot of work placements are normally very light but we have decided to set our students with a small implementation challenge using Bootstrap (HTML/CSS Framework) and Angular.js as front end for real-world projects.

Both of these are controlled by senior developers at Shadowcat who will be on hand to help them and guide them. We don’t expect trouble-free implementations, this is a learning experience and we thought it should be challenging and rewarding, it is better to experience real world work problems.

For us at Shadowcat it will give our jaded developers a fresh face filled with enthusiasm[1] to shake up the working week and inject some variety. On a serious note it is a great opportunity for both the students on placement and us at Shadowcat and we are looking forward to the fortnight.


[1] To grouch at as well as is proper and expected.