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Euro Perl 2017

Three Go Mad at YAPC

Mon Jul 10 16:53:22 2017

As the subtitle suggests this post should be chocked full of whizzer, spiffing, what-ho and golly-gosh, as three of the Shadowcat team will be whizzing along to Amsterdam for this year’s European Perl Conference.[1]

It is though far more thrilling than just three ‘catters doing the ‘dam thing as they will also all be presenting whopper talks on a bunch of super subjects which is toppo spiffing stuff.

Matt S. Trout will be talking about Javascript, Chatops and CPAN Dependencies in 3 whopper 45 minute talks. Tom has updated and refreshed his talk on testing and Mark will be talking about the EPO.

As always the lads will be hanging around the various halls and social events and Mark will no doubt be helping orgas and getting in the way of people. So please make sure to say hello if you are there.


[1] The Yet Another Perl Conference Europe (YAPC::EU) has been re-branded, or rather old-branded, to be The Perl Conference. This is officially The Perl Conference:Amsterdam.