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Worse than Sugar or Trump he has Keating and Trout

Mon Jul 31 16:53:22 2017

Matt as the Apprentice

In an un-televised saga with absolutely no competitive elements, panel or competitors we at Castle Shadowcat would like to introduce our latest cohort, Finn Kempers.[1] Finn came to us via Lancaster and Morecambe college and a two week placment, we have extended that to an apprenticeship over the next year.

An unsuspecting Finn is photographed

An unsuspecting Finn is photographed

Finn is no stranger to the world of programming but he is new to Perl and mobile application development so we thought it would be good to throw him at a community project or two to up his skills before we unleash him on deeper community software.

Finn joined us as an apprentice in July but he has been coming into the office to work on voluntary work for a few months after he did a fortnight placement with us as part of his previous college course.

Those of you who came to FLOSS Spring will have already met Finn as we brought him along with us to that conference so he could learn and participate in the workshops. He also gave his first talk at a tech conference as a member of the Shadowcat cohort as a thank you for giving him the chance and experience.

Hopefully you will get to meet him at a community event in the near future.


[1] Finn has also done some voluntary work for the Pear Trading App and has travelled to a conference as our guest where he did a 5 minute Lightning Talk.