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Shadows Over Brum

Shadowcat Systems Staff at Barcamp Birmingham

Mon Jun 5 11:53:22 2017

It is a pleasure to announce that once again Shadowcat will be attending at this year’s FLOSSUK Birmingham BarCamp, at the Studio on this Saturday, 10th June from 09:00-17:00. Shadowcat’s own Mark Keating and Tom Bloor will be attending.

As always we have a few more jobs than just attendees at the event. Mark is part of the organising team for Barcamp Birmingham and may end up chairing some of the sessions. Tom will be videoing the whole day and we will likely publish the videos on the FLOSSUK YouTube page. Sign up for a free ticket from Eventbrite here and we hope to see you on the day.[1]


[1] There are not always notes[2]

[2] Though if I do this then there probably are...