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American Perl 2017

Matt in America

Mon Jun 12 16:53:22 2017

It is that time of year again when we have a few months of major Perl conferences and events across the globe. One of these is the Perl Conference (US) which is also sometimes referred to as YAPC::NA.[1][2]

As usual there will be representation from the land of the Cat in the form of our very own Matt S. Trout. Matt will be attending the conference, giving a speech that is all about Javascript,[3] luxuriating in the Hallway Track and no doubt propping up a bar in the wee small hours.

If you catch hold of Matt make sure to say a big friendly hello and I am sure he will be happy to return such.


[1] YAPC = Yet Another Perl Conference

[2] We still affectionately refer to it as YAPC in the office, it is an acronym that has become fixed in our hearts, minds and muscle reflex actions.

[3] He does like to subvert narratives, but the talk does have a relationship to Perl.