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Shadowcat at FLOSSUK2017: Part Two

The Turn of MDK

Fri Mar 10 11:23:45 2017

In the last news post about the FLOSSUK Spring Conference which is held next week at thestudio in Manchester and MadLab in Manchester we mentioned there was more news to come. This is that news.

As many of you are aware, and if not you should have checked our news archives, Mark Keating is now the elected Chair of the FLOSSUK Council. He is therefore one of the central organisers of this year’s event and has been busy beavering away with the rest of the council to prepare for the conference.

The event is over three days with a Conference Dinner and Social evening alongside the presentations and workshop days. This year the Council took the bold decision to offer some free places on the event days for students and those unable to attend for financial reasons. There is also a companion Workshop on the Raspberry Pi which is complimentary alongside the other workshops.

If you have time you can still grab some of the free places available at the event. As always Mark, and the rest of the Shadowcat team, hope to see you at the event and if you are there make sure to come along and say hello.


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