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London Perl Workshop 2017

Not The Organiser!

Wed Nov 8 21:12:22 2017

The Shadowcat Crew will once again be attending and speaking at the London Perl Workshop later this month and for the first time in over a decade they will not be the organisers. The event, held at the University of Westminster’s Cavendish Campus on Saturday 25th November, is the first time since 2007 that Mark Keating will be attending and not be the chief organiser.

As part of the Enlightened Perl’s attendance and participation Mark and Tom have been working behind the scenes as the EPO provides financial support and invoicing for the event. But that, aside from helpful advice, has been our only contribution so far.

On the day Mark, Tom and Matt will be speaking, and no doubt we will also be on hand as volunteers, with Finn, to help this year’s organising team if they need the spare hands.

Mark is looking forward to attending and seeing some of the talks without the overhead of worry and concern or the need to direct events or keep on top of the day’s proceedings.

As always we would love to say hello to old friends and new faces so if you see one of the Shadowcat crew please do come over and say hello.