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Shadowcat at Freenode Live

Live Free and Die Node[1]

Mon Sep 18 15:03:22 2017

Next month (28th-29th October) sees the community freenode #live event in the city of Bristol. This year both Mark Keating and Matt S. Trout will be attending and giving talks. Also attending and giving a talk will be former Shadowcat intern, and forever a ‘Catter alumni, Errietta Kostala. We will be bringing some more Shadowcatter's with us for moral support so expect to see a least a Tom in the wilds of Bristol.

The event should be a good place to visit the wide variety of communities and people who make freenode such a great social melting pot. If you are a member of an online community, or a FOSS project; or if you are curious about how FOSS can be a viable and sustainable alternative to proprietary software; consider a visit to freenode #live.

There are still Tickets available at a very competitive rate including free tickets for day attendees who do not wish any of the amenities and extra-social activities.

We look forward to seeing you there, make sure to come along and say hello to Mark, Tom, Errietta, maybe a Finn, and Matt.


[1] Okay it was a really awful pun/play on words to the Bruce Willis film, Live Free and Die Hard.