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April 2018 News

April 2018 News Archive

Sun Apr 1 00:00:00 2018

This is the shadowcat news archive for April 2018.

GDPR with Shadowcat


Next week, Friday 13th April, Mark Keating will be hosting a workshop aimed at getting people started on the route to GDPR compliance. Mark has spent a number of months studying the GDPR and talking about it with local people. We at Shadowcat believe that businesses need to take an individual approach to their compliance, for many it will be a lighter task but every business should take the opportunity to assess and adjust.

The event is reasonably priced and tickets can be purchased online from Eventbrite.

The Event

Header for the GDPR event for Shadowcat to help you start your GDPR journey

There is a lot of hype, hysteria and information on what to do to be compliant with the incoming changes to data legislation. It can seem like it is a daunting task, but it need not be. In this workshop we will:

  • Introduce the need for data protection.
  • What is a data controller and a data processor?
  • Do I need to be registered with the ICO?
  • List the 7 starting steps in order to move towards compliance;
  • How to start understanding the data you hold. How you collect it, where your data is stored and what you do with it with a simple visual method that shows a data flow;
  • Minimising paperwork but still being compliant;
  • Basic steps in security and understanding risk and how to run a risk assessment;
  • Reducing data footprints.

We will also make some time for you to ask questions about your own businesses. We will take a tour of the ICO website and the GDPR in general and uncover how you can reduce your stress by doing self-assessments.

This workshop is aimed at helping you to understand how you can move towards being compliant and to take away some of the overload of worry that is being sold about the changes happening in May.