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Welcoming More Students

Wed Jan 10 11:12:45 2018

This year at Shadowcat seems to be continuing the theme concerning students. As mentioned in a previous news last year item we will have two more MSc students working on a project placement from Lancaster University in the office until April.

Both of these are controlled by senior developers at Shadowcat who will be on hand to help them and guide them. We don’t expect trouble-free implementations, this is a learning experience and we thought it should be challenging and rewarding, it is better to experience real world work problems.

For us at Shadowcat it will give our jaded developers a fresh pair of faces filled with enthusiasm1 to shake up the working week and inject some variety. On a serious note it is a great opportunity for both the students on placement and us at Shadowcat and we are looking forward to the next few weeks.


  1. And as we noted last year in a suspiciously similar manner, to grouch at as well as is proper and expected. ↩