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Trivia Day

The Fact is that we love facts

Fri Jan 4 08:00:00 2019

January 4th is the yearly Trivia Day. Started, it appears, from an unknown series of events but likened to a fascination with the board game Trivial Pursuit (TM) it is a day for random facts, snippets of knowledge and the trolling out of mini-express quizzes for our colleagues, friends and loved ones.

'So what has this got to do with Shadowcat,' we hear you ask?

Shadowcat is filled to the brim with developers, consultants and the otherwise terminally afflicted. What we are afflicted with is creativity and curiosity. We are all naturally drawn to multiple hobbies, interests and to the persuing of knowledge, fact and trivia. We would as much delight with a conceptual programming problem as we would to the discovery of why vermillion acquired that name. I suggest you go and look, it is fascinating. In fact colours are a big source of our trivia, like the fact that pink doesn't actually exist as a seperate colour (it is just red); or that bronze in reference to the sky might be because the Greeks (ancient) actually saw it as that colour. (There is a fascinating study of how language can change our conception of things.)

You see, Trivia. Knowledge. A snippet of truth that can be a historical anomaly or a momentary piece of illumination in an all too transient existence.

Happy Trivia Day.