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2007 Trading Cards

The 2007 Shadowcat Trading Card Game was devised and designed by Mark Keating.

2007 Shadowcat Trading Card Game

First Shadowcat Trading Card


Available this year is Season One of the Shadowcat Trading Card Game. This game will be made freely available on our website for Christmas 2007, on the run up to which we will be frequently revealing the cards for you to study or print (if you wish to have copies in advance). The preview cards will be available as jpeg files which can be right clicked and saved from within your browser window. If you wait for Christmas the entire set of Standard cards will be made available as a downloadable set of high-res pdf files (fitted to A4/Letter paper), from which you will be able to play the game. A set of downloadable rules will also be made available.

There will be several Special or Rare cards and we cannot promise that all of these will be linked to from the cards index page as we will be making some of them available for limited periods elsewhere. this will enhance the 'trading' nature of the game. The basic idea is to collect all the cards that you can and those you cannot find you can trade for with others who may have found a card you do not have.

The Shadowcat trading card game is free to download and play, and we give you exclusive right to print a set of cards from the files made available for yourself or your family and friends. The ownership of the game and all associated copyright belongs with Shadowcat Systems Limited. Shadowcat does not extend to you the permission to print these cards for sale or for the exchange of goods. We hope you enjoy playing the game and look forward to hearing your thoughts about it. Season two of the card game is already in the early design stages and should further enhance the playability of the system.