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July 2007 News

July 2007 News Archive

Sun Jul 1 00:00:00 2007

This is the shadowcat news archive for July 2007.

OSCON 2007

Oscon Main Site
Matt will be speaking at OSCON in Portland, Oregon this year. Once agin he will be talking in full Catalyst-mode. For those of you who caught Matt at Milton Keynes and YAPC 2006 his talk will be a variant on the Beautiful and Unique snowflakes that is Catalyst, but don't expect repetition as this is Matt after all and there is always something that you can tweak and refine.

  • Session: Beautiful and Unique Snowflakes: Cooking with Catalyst
  • Track: Web Applications (client-side and server-side)
  • Date: Wednesday, July 25
  • Time: 1:45pm - 2:30pm
  • Location: D133
  • A run-down of tips, tricks, and available modules that enable Catalyst users to develop complex applications dealing with a wide variety of real-world situations.
  • Main topics:
    • URI mapping flexibility
    • supported deployment environments
    • Models: DB, LDAP, SVN, ...
    • View processors
    • Authentication stores
    • UTF8 and I18N
    • Ajax

YAPC::EU 2007

YAPC::EU 2007 Vienna Site
Matt will be presenting a talk at YAPC::EU under the auspicious title of "Database Haters Anonymous". More details about the talk and when Matt will be giving this will be posted when we know ourselves :).

YAPC::EU 2007

YAPC::EU 2007 Vienna Site
It is confirmed that Shadowcat will once again be sending people to the YAPC::EU conference in Vienna. Appearing this year will be Mark Keating, Matthew Trout and Chris Jackson, and in a surprise move they have decided to bring their own chef. This is no joke, professional chef, Nathan Exley, an assessor/tutor in the catering department at Lancaster and Morecambe College and star of the 2006 season of Ramsey's Kitchen nightmares. Nathan was temporarily employed as a chef at the Fennick Arms when Gordon visited there in 2006, just before accepting his post at L&M.

More about SC's in-house chef and special fun we will be having at YAPC will be announced soon