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November 2007 News

November 2007 News Archive

Thu Nov 1 00:00:00 2007

This is the shadowcat news archive for November 2007.

London Perl Workshop

Sponsorship List
Workshop website
List of Talks
Catalyst Quick Start
Database Haters Anonymous, LPW07 Remix
Whose App is it Anyway

As reported in October (a href=/news/archive/october>Read Article) Matt and Mark will be at the London Perl Workshop in December. Also scheduled to join them from the Shadowcat Staff will be Chris and possibly Leigh. You can catch us there or maybe for a brew and a chat afterwards. Shadowcat will be sponsoring a specific part of the event and will be handing out sponsorship items when they are there. Matthew Trout is scheduled to be talking at the event. His three talks will be: Catalyst Quick Start, Database Haters Anonymous, LPW07 Remix, Whose App is it Anyway.

Shadowcat 2007 Trading Card Game

Trading Card Page

As reported last month (read article) the 2007 Shadowcat Trading Card Game has arrived, and we are now uploading files to the site. This is the first year for this game and so therefore the first edition and it is entirely free. Navigate to this page: Trading Card Page for more details.

Shadowcat 2007 T-shirt

T-shirt Page

The limited edition 2007 Shadowcat t-shirts have arrived at the Shadowcat Office. The t-shirts boast a unique design by Mark featuring two characters from his long-running "cheesy comic" T-Shirt Boy and Skirt Girl. Navigate to this page: Shadowcat 2007 T-shirt Page for more details.