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October 2012 News

October 2012 News Archive

Mon Oct 1 00:00:00 2012

This is the Shadowcat news archive for October 2012.

Matt S. Trout to present at LPW2012

Matt S. Trout will be presenting two talks and a Lightning Talk at the London Perl Workshop 2012.

This continues a tradition of Shadowcat presenting talks at the London Perl Workshop along with a number of other Perl workshops and conferences each year.

Matt's two talks will be:

Data::Query - from vapour to reality ( described as, "I've been rambling about this thing for years now; the ideas started somewhere in 2008, the reality a year or two ago. It's been worth the time - I truly believe this is the future of query generation in perl, and I have a working version of DBIx::Class using it as proof."

Fast, furious, fatpacked and fun ( described as, "Small but useful applications, implemented with rapidity, installable with alacrity, rich in manipulexity - a world of possibilities ..."

You can view Matt S. Trout Profile at:

As always a number of Shadowcat staff will be present at the London Perl Workshop and we hope to see you there.

Ian and Mark to Host the 2013 Perl QA Hackathon

The 2013 Perl Quality Assurance Hackathon was originally slated to be held in London, however due to pressures outside of their control the original organiser has had to step down. This left the event in slight freefall from which Ian Norton and Mark Keating of Shadowcat have arrested the descent.

The chance to hold a major Perl event in the North West of England has been a desire for both of these two men since they first formed the local Perl Mongers g roup. Although it is very hard to encourage participation in such a vast region, and with an ever changing technological landscape, they have persevered and the hosting of this event is a part of that perseverance.

There is little doubt that other members of the Shadowcat family will become entwined in the event, both in planning and execution, as the time moves on. We may also get the chance to show selected people around the Castle Shadowcat offices. We will certainly be able to offer them an insight into the unique character of the region.

The official announcement can be found on Mark Keating's blog.

Sponsoring the Newbie

Once again Shadowcat Systems will be doing an extra-special reach out to the Perl Community at this year's London Perl Workshop in particular those new to Perl conferences.

As last year we will be sponsoring a new person's attendance to the event, this year it will be Ludovic Tolhurst-Cleaver, whose travel costs we will be reimbursing. Ludovic is a member of the North West England Perl Mongers and has never attended a major Perl event, the London Perl Workshop will be the breaking of that virgin status.

Part of our sponsorship is to encourage participation via the presentation of a Lightning Talk, Ludovic has generously submitted two talks which have been accepted.

I hope, like us, you will welcome him into the conference-going Perl community and support his first presentations at a large Perl event.

If you are thinking of attending, and you should, we hope to meet you there.

Ian Norton to continue the monthly NWE Training Sessions

Ian Norton has announced the date and topics for the October North West England Perl Mongers meeting which will once again be held at the Manchester Hack Space.

Northwest England Perl Mongers will be gathering on Thursday 25th of October for informal banter, takeaway food and of course our increasingly popular Perl tutorial!

Gathering at the Manchester Hackspace on 44 Edge Street near Madlab our "Learning Perl Together" series aims to cross train developers of other languages in Perl.

Following a discussion of Perl data types and references last month, we'll be talking about modular and reusable code. We'll be turning some code into functions and learning about the Perl Test Anything Protocol, which is now in wide use outside of the Perl community. Why not pop along and see if you can pick up something new or tell us why you prefer coding in your $language of choice.

Come along to the Manchester Hackspace and say hello from 19:00 onwards - North West England meetings page.

We at Castle Shadowcat have a long association with the local Perl Mongers group. the group was founded by Mark Keating and Ian Norton after the London Perl Workshop in 2008.

If you are thinking of attending, and you should as it is a great night, we hope to meet you there.

Ian Norton to present two Workshops at LPW

Ian Norton will be presenting two workshops at the London Perl Workshop aimed at people new to Perl or coming to Perl from a different programming language.

The first workshop will focus on some of the basics of Perl and how it handles logic and control structures which will highlight some of the differences in Perl to other scripting languages.

Roadside map of the region

Ian Norton presenting at LPW2011

The second workshop is more of a clinic, Ian has called it a Perl Surgery. the idea is for neophyte programmers, and junior Perlers to come along and discuss some of the issues they are having and the whole group will examine the problem and come to a solution together. It is intended to complement the first session.

This second workshop is a new element for the London Perl Workshop and we are hoping it will be successful. I will be inviting someone to conduct a more senior session to complement Ian's work.

Roadside map of the region

Ian discusses a problem solving exercise with two students at LPW2011

We at Castle Shadowcat have a long association with the London Perl Workshop. Mark, Chrissie, and Matt have been heavily involved with the event since 2007, and we always like to encourage our staff and friends to take part.

If you are thinking of attending, and you should as it is a great event, we hope to meet you there.

Matt S. Trout guests at Italian Perl Workshop

Logo for Italian Perl Workshop

As reported earlier this year Matt S. Trout will be attending the Italian Perl Workshop 2012 as a guest speaker from 11-12 October 2012.

The Italian Perl Workshop is a 'roving' event that changes its host city to accommodate the diverse Italian Perlverse. This year the Workshop will be held in the historic city of Bologna.

Matt has been an attendee at the event for a number of years and it is always an honour for Shadowcat for him to be invited as a guest speaker. It has been stated by one of the organisers that 'it wouldn't be an Italian Perl Workshop without Matt'.

Matt will be presenting two talks while in Italy, the first will be on Data Query and the second on Web Simple.

If you are thinking of attending, and you should, Matt hopes to meet you there.